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Retirement is much more than a date circled on the calendar.
It starts a new – and best – phase of your life.

Too often, retirement planning strategies involve little more than magically projecting the large amount of money you’ll need for your retirement - your (Big) Number. Saving for and living in retirement is often planned for the same as buying a new car, beach house, vacation, or other “goal.” That’s a problem.

The biggest difference between your last day of work and your first day of retirement is that your paycheck disappears. Your paycheck funds your lifestyle – where you live, the car you drive, and where you go on vacation. What will happen in retirement when your paycheck goes away? How will you fund your lifestyle?  You need a paycheck. Your retirement should not include having to figure out the logistics of how to pay your bills every month.

At AGS Aurora, we understand there’s much more to retirement success than a “big number.” Our retirement income planning strategies are designed to provide you with the paycheck you need to live the stress-free retirement you imagine.

How to Plan and Invest for Retirement Success

Our Process

Ready or not, retirement is coming. Will you be ready? Get your copy of the best-selling book Don’t Run Out of Money by AGS Aurora Founder and Managing Partner David Seibel.

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The best-selling book is now one of the most popular shows on RVN Television. Join Dave each week for lively discussions about the topics that affect your financial life.

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AGS Aurora was founded to provide the type of service and advice that we would want for ourselves and our families - in good times and bad.

AGS Aurora

AGS Aurora

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Our Core Values

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Our Value Proposition

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