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Retirement is Not a Goal!
It’s a New Phase in Your Life.
Will You Be Ready?

Retirement is much more than a day on the calendar.
It will hopefully last a long time.
Too often, retirement planning strategies involve little more than magically projecting the large amount of money you’ll need for your retirement - your (Big) Number. Saving for and living in retirement is treated the same as buying a new car, a beach house, a vacation, or any other “goal.” That’s a problem.

The biggest difference between your last day of work and your first day of retirement is that your paycheck goes away. Your paycheck funds your lifestyle – where you live, the car you drive, where you go on vacation. What will happen in retirement when your paycheck goes away? How will you fund your lifestyle? You need a paycheck. Your retirement should not include having to figure out the logistics of how to pay your bills every month.

At AGS Aurora, we understand that there’s much more to retirement success than a “big number.” Our retirement income planning strategies are designed to provide you with the paycheck you need to live the stress-free retirement you imagine.

How do you define success, and how do you get there?
If you turn on the TV or surf the web, it seems that everyone knows what retirement means to you. The financial companies, gurus, and so-called experts spend millions of dollars to get you to buy into their idea of your retirement success, which usually includes images of sailboats, fast cars, and exotic locations.

Success is personal, individual, and unique to you. Why would you be interested in someone else’s idea of success? The only person who can define your success is you.

Our Core Beliefs

Success comes from planning.
It's working towards and achieving your goals, not from the market and a rate of return. Portfolios and financial products are not financial plans. They are simply tools.

Managing your risk goes well beyond simply checking a box.
Risk is everywhere, not just in the market. To help you achieve your goals we must identify and appropriately manage ALL the risks you will or may encounter. First, we MUST manage risk.

Each family’s situation is unique. So will be their financial plan.
The generic advice of gurus and celebrities, conventional wisdom, and rules-of-thumb are not meant specifically for you and should never be relied upon. There are no shortcuts, and there is no magic, one-size-fits-all plan for you to achieve your retirement success.


The market is not a game.
We do not play, follow hunches, the latest fad, gurus, pundits, or the latest news story. We do not strive to beat the market by making short-term market-timing decisions. Our mission is to achieve the long-term risk-adjusted returns required for you to achieve your goals.

Will you be ready for Retirement?
Wouldn't you want to know before it's too late?
Learn If You Will Be Ready For Retirement

The Best Selling Book, Don’t Run Out of Money, shows the reader that the key to achieving retirement success is creating, executing, and following a comprehensive financial plan based on your goals for the retirement you imagine. This book teaches you the complete process for retirement planning, including how to manage the various risks that can derail your plans, the proper use of financial products, and how to get the help you need.

The best selling book is now a new RVN TV Series of the same name. Each week, your host, David J. Seibel brings you discussions with industry experts on the topics that affect your financial life.