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Our Core Principles

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<b><br/>Do unto others&#8230;</b>

Do unto others…

AGS Aurora was founded to provide the type of service and advice that we would want for ourselves and our families – in good times and bad

<strong>Each Family&#8217;s Situation Is Unique. So Is Their Financial Plan.</strong>

Each Family’s Situation Is Unique. So Is Their Financial Plan.

The generic advice of gurus and celebrities, conventional wisdom, and rules of thumb are not explicitly meant for you and should never be relied upon. There are no shortcuts, magic, or one-size-fits-all plan to achieve your retirement success.

<b>We Work For The Families We Serve.</b>

We Work For The Families We Serve.

Being a fiduciary is more than a legal obligation. It is a moral and ethical obligation. It’s who we are and how we work.

<strong>Success Comes From Planning.</strong>

Success Comes From Planning.

Portfolios and financial products are not financial plans. They are simply tools. Your success will come from developing and following a comprehensive retirement plan, not from the market and a rate of return.

<b>You define success.</b>

You define success.

Success is personal, individual, and unique to you. The only person who can define your success is you. Why would you be interested in someone else’s idea of success?

<b>Managing your risk goes well beyond simply checking a box</b><span>.</span>

Managing your risk goes well beyond simply checking a box.

Managing risk is much more than checking a box on a risk tolerance questionnaire. Risk is everywhere, not just in the market. To help you achieve your goals, we must identify and appropriately manage ALL the risks you will or may encounter. First, we MUST manage risk.

<b>The market is not a game.</b>

The market is not a game.

We do not play, follow hunches, the latest fad, gurus, pundits, or the latest news story. We do not strive to beat the market by making short-term market-timing decisions. Our mission is to achieve the long-term risk-adjusted returns required for you to achieve your goals.

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