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For many advisors, Investment Management is the entirety of their business, and many do it well. However, At AGS Aurora, we believe proper Wealth Management requires much more than managing your investments. After all, a portfolio is not a financial plan. 

The only way we can genuinely give the families we serve the peace of mind they deserve is to develop plans that touch on every aspect of their financial lives, including those they may not even know exist. These include, but are not limited to:

<b>Relationship Management</b>

Relationship Management

The relationship with the families we serve goes far beyond simply managing portfolios. Through an open line of communication to help with financial issues as they arise to periodic reviews designed to keep you on track, our focus is to provide service that exceeds your needs and expectations, encompassing and coordinating all the moving parts of your financial life.

<b>Income Planning</b>

Income Planning

The most significant difference between your last day of work and your first day of retirement is figuring out where your paycheck will come from. Our proprietary Year-One Analysis is a detailed and disciplined process incorporating and analyzing all the various parts of your financial life to produce a plan for funding your income needs in your first year (and every year) of retirement. It provides a framework to track your progress and easily update your plan and projections as events warrant, allowing us to run any scenario you can imagine. Income planning is at the heart of what we do.

<b>Investment Consulting</b>

Investment Consulting

Proper Investment Management involves much more than simply picking a portfolio of stocks and bonds. By combining elements of core markets exposure with tactical and diversifying strategies, our goal is to build portfolios that help reduce volatility, optimize performance, and align with your goals, maximizing the probability that you achieve all that is important to you.

<b>Tax Planning and Management</b>

Tax Planning and Management

Whether you realize it or not, the IRS is a joint account holder on most of your investment accounts. Proper tax planning and management can help reduce your tax burden and increase the percentage you get to keep. Tax planning goes beyond mere tax preparation and involves proactively identifying opportunities to minimize tax liabilities and maximize tax-saving opportunities.

<b>Estate planning</b>

Estate planning

Estate planning is a fundamental aspect of sound financial management that ensures the orderly distribution of your assets and the protection of your loved ones after you're gone. By crafting a comprehensive estate plan, you gain the power to determine how your assets are distributed, minimize taxes, avoid probate, and appoint trusted individuals to manage your affairs. Regardless of your wealth or age, estate planning grants your peace of mind, enabling you to leave a lasting legacy while safeguarding your family's and beneficiaries' financial well-being.

<b>Risk Management/Insurance Planning</b>

Risk Management/Insurance Planning

Risk is everywhere, and your exposure to risk goes far beyond the market’s direction. Financial risks outside the market, personal risks, and events outside your control can disastrously affect your plans. Through risk management and insurance planning, we identify and, where possible, manage, reduce, or eliminate these risks to help ensure that one bad event doesn’t ruin your plans for the future.

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